roots of brasil

April 12, 2023
cozy atmosphere…
the balcony dining…
dramatic entryway…

this was my second visit to Roots of Brasil, both times a treat to the palate…when dining out, I expect a unique experience and that is exactly what you get at this restaurante…the big green doors open to a quaint, brightly lit room filled with authentic Brazilian touches, the colorful painted staircase leads you to the upper balcony where you sit among the hanging hammocks and greenery…the music and friendly staff complete the fun atmosphere

the menu was larger than I expected, offering a balance of traditional foods along with items for your friends who have less experimental palates… the portions are as generous as they are delicious, each having their own distinct subtle flavors…to pick a favorite would be difficult, but I do have to commend the chef on the risotto, the creaminess with just a bit of tooth was texturally pleasing, and the flavor of the greens and mushrooms along with the fresh herbs on top kept me going back for yet another spoonful…all the dishes were prepared with care, the fish having a perfect flake, the seafood was not overcooked, and the grits were like silk

the beer and wine lists are adequate, though I am a bit fussier than most…the mocktails were the shining glory of the beverages with Brazilian soda and refreshing fruit drinks…they paired with the cuisine better than the wine, yes, I actually said that…

blackened salmon risotto
homemade risotto with asparagus, mushrooms, fresh herbs, parmigiano reggiano topped with blackened honey salmon
shrimp grits
bacon cheddar grits, cilantro, hearts of palm, avocado, spinach, sunnyside egg, and gastrique
fish minas coconut milk risotto
homemade risotto with greens, mushrooms, fresh herbs, onion parmigiano reggiano, and coconut milk, topped with red snapper
black bean stew slow cooked with pork meat and sausage served with rice, farofa, vinaigrette & collard greens
queijo assado skewers
roasted bread cheese skewers topped with a lightly spiced malagueta honey
milho verde elote
sweet corn cobs topped with cilantro, cotija cheese, chili, and crema
mariscos (loaded mussels)
a medley of mussels, shrimp, calamari & scallops sautéed in a citrus white wine sauce with garlic, fresh herbs, and oranges
guaraná antarctica
 in Brazil it is advertised as the champagne of pop, it has a tart crisp apple flavor

trip number three will be in my future soon, I am intrigued by the whole red snapper and jerk chicken, and have not yet tried a dessert…this is a culinary gem in the Sioux Falls ever expanding cultural scene…they are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm perfect for a leisurely lunch or early dinner